Club Education and Training

The club offers a wide range of training opportunities including:-

Winter training sessions and talks for novice beekeepers (Newbees) and the more experienced beekeepers (Forever Bees) run fortnightly on a Thursday evening from October to April.

Between April and September club meetings take place weekly on a Thursday evening at club the apiary at Harnill Rural Innovation Centre where less experienced beekeepers can be mentored and seek advice from more experienced members.

New beekeepers can sign up for HOT bees (Hands On Training ) at the start of each season. For a fee of £175 members will be given a nucleus of bees which they keep in their own hive at the club apiary. Over two seasons they will be given mentoring and support to care for the enabling them to take the BBKA’s Basic qualification.

The club also supports members to study for other BBKA exams including Bee Health, Module exams and General Husbandry.

The branch runs a successful queen rearing programme which is based at Shorncote near Cirencester and meets on a Monday evening from April to September.

The current training programme can be viewed here.